File Download Page

The latest program files and applications for AM-Win are posted here for download. 

Click here for download and installation instructions.

If you are not sure how to download files from the internet or, more importantly how to upgrade your program please contact your supporting Consultant before you proceed further. 

Either way 


Download LinkDescriptionFile nameDateSize, MB

Version 10    

V10.060 ProgramVersion 10.060 full program setupSetupAMWinV1060Full.exe16-04-2019137.36

V10.060 UpgradeVersion 10.060 Program UpgradeSetupAmwinV1060Upgrade.exe16-04-201954.40

V10 Demo DataDemo DataSetupV10FullDemo10060.exe16-04-201986.70

V10 E-payday LinkE-payday LinkSetupAMPAY10060.exe16-04-20192.58

Version 9    

V9.411 ProgramVersion 9.411 full program setupSetupAMWinV9411Full.exe02-05-201846.30

V9.411 UpgradeVersion 9.411 Program UpgradeSetupAmwinV9411Upgrade.exe02-05-201837.75

V9 Demo DataDemo DataSetupV9FullDemo411.exe02-05-201862.20

V9 E-payday LinkE-payday LinkSetupAMPAY9411.exe02-05-20181.38

Version 7.6    

V7.6 FullVersion 7.6 full program setupSetupv7641Full.exe29-01-201022.92

V7.6 UpgradeVersion 7.6 Upgrade with InstallerSetupV7641Upgrade.exe29-01-201012.95

Version 7.5    

V7.5 FullVersion 7.5 full program setupSetupv7523Full.exe1-5-200818.58

V7.5 UpgradeVersion 7.5 Upgrade with InstallerSetupV7523Upgrade.exe1-5-200812.95

Version 7    

Version 7Version 7.0 full program setupSetupV7030Full.exe30-06-200621.2

V7 UpgradeVersion 7.0 Upgrade with InstallerSetupV7030Upgrade.exe30-06-20069.8

AM-Win Lite    

AM-Win Lite Version 9Full program install V9.0SetupAMWinLiteV9106Full.exe19-08-201530.53

AMWin Lite Version V7.5Full program install V7.5SetupAMWinLiteV7519Full.exe 15.7

AM-Win Lite V7.5 program upgradeProgram Upgrade only V7.5SetupAMWINLiteV7519Upgrade.exe 6.3


Winparts V9Winparts V9 with installerSetupWinpartsV9100.exe14-01-20157.79

Winparts V7.6Winparts V7.6 with installerSETUPWinpartsV7605.EXE27-11-20083.24

Winparts V7.5Winparts V7.521 with installerSETUPWinpartsV7521.EXE6-12-20073.2

Winparts V7Winparts V7.101 with installerSETUPWinpartsV7101.EXE29-8-20053.2

Air Craft Maintenance Control    

Air Craft Maint. V9AMC program suit V9.xxSetupAMCv9300Full.exe10-06-201621.10

Workstation Installer    

WorkstationWorkstation InstallerWS_Setup.exe20-10-2010.35

Auto Service Manager    

ASM DownloadsASM downloadsVariousVariousVarious

Program Upgrade Instructions

Please read the following carefully before proceeding with your upgrade.

If you have a previous version of version 9 already

If you have version 9 already. This Version 9 download will also upgrade any existing Version 9 of AM-WIN without an Install code or license files.

Upgrading from Version 7.6.

Your Software upgrade agreement (SUA) must be current - please contact your supporting consultant to renew. Do not upgrade prior to contacting your Consultant.

Version 7.609 or earlier  

Any user who is using a version 7.609 or earlier please contact your supporting Consultant to discuss your upgrade. Do not upgrade prior to contacting your Consultant.

Upgrading from V7.5 and previous versions.

Your Software upgrade agreement (SUA) must be current - please contact your supporting consultant to renew. Do not upgrade prior to contacting your Consultant.

The Version 9.014 download also includes the conversion progThe Version 9.032 download also includes the conversion program for Version 7.5 AM-WIN data files but you will require a new set of license files before you upgrade. Please check your version number under help/about prior to proceeding and contact your supporting consultant to obtain the appropriate license files if required. r Consultant.

  1. Download the selected file file to your hard disk drive. Make sure that you take note of the folder on your drive that you have selected to download to.
  2. Once the file has downloaded open windows explorer and find the downloaded files directory - [where you downloaded to.]
  3. Locate the file 
  4. Double click the file
  5. The installer will now open
  6. Take note of the first two screens and continue to the third screen
  7. Important - The installer checks for the existence of a previous installation on your hard drive and selects the directory that contains the file into which to install the upgrade. If you have multiple instances of the downloaded program on your machine it is conceivable that the upgrade installer can place the upgrade in the incorrect folder on your hard drive and that the upgrade will not upgrade your current am-win directory.
  8. Please contact your Consultant to determine the correct destination folder for your selected program before proceeding. Once you have done  this set the correct destination folder [you will need to type this in] in the installer and proceed.