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For the newbies to the world of the web a knowledgebase is a place where information about a web site or a product can be found in some sort of neat order so that content can be found easily by the site's visitor. Sometimes if there is a great deal of information spanning several screens [pages] a search facility will also be provided.

The above description fits the AM-Win Knowledgebase library to a tee, with an entire section of our site being devoted to providing information to our clients. The entire section is searchable so that it's easy to find the document that you want when you want it.

Here's a few FAQs about our library.

Firstly the library contains more then 300 documents about how to use AMWin software - Each document covers a different subject and provides "how do I" information on use of the program.

Many of the documents contain screen clips of actual AM-Win program screens so that you can see what happens as you follow the steps in the document.

Every month we publish MS Word, Excel,  Office and  Windows tips and tricks in our newsletter and these are regularly added to the knowledgebase.

The library grows on a day to day basis as AM-Win users ask questions of our National Support Team. If a document isn't in the library the support team creates it based on the user question and adds it to the library so that it's there for the next user who asks the question.

There are many versions of AM-Win out there - how far do you go back

Only to version five. No user should be using a previous version of AM-Win as we no longer provide support for earlier versions. Our programs are upgraded and enhanced regularly and each user should purchase a software upgrade agreement to ensure that they always have the latest version. Documents may be removed from the library as a particular version becomes obsolete and is no longer a supported product.

Can anyone access the library

An emphatic no. The libraries and other resources on our web site are reserved for clients who maintain a support contract with our National Support Team and who maintain a Software Upgrade Agreement with AM-Win. The library is maintained by the National Support Team and other AM-Win Team members who receive their wages from income derived from support and upgrade entitlements. We do not believe that it's fair to have those users who do the right thing subsidise those who don't.

I have support and upgrade agreements - how do I get a password

Register on this web site - you can select your own user name and password. Your registration is e-mailed to us where we check your support and upgrade status. Once this is done you will receive a welcome e-mail from our Director Kevin Sturgiss and you will be able to use your user name and password to access the library. Click here if you need to access the site registration page.

OK - I feel guilty and the library sure would be useful - How do I get a support and upgrade agreement

That's great and nice to hear. The best way is to click on the map at the bottom of this page to find the Distributor responsible for your area. One of our friendly team will be happy to help you.

How easy is it to find the document I need.

A piece of cake - Our search facility allows you to search by typing an actual sentence - something like "how do I receive a payment from a client" or just something like "client payment". Search will whip through the documents in the library and return a list of documents that match your search terms based on relevance. Select a document and you're there.

Can I download Library Documents for future Reference

No. However you can e-mail a document from the library to yourself - screen clips and all which is probably an easier job than downloading. And every document is printable straight from the library to your printer.

If I see a document that might be handy for some one else can I give it to them

Sure but why bother - use the e-mail a friend link on the document and once you do this the web site address of the document is sent with a message from you telling them about the document. They can then retrieve it for themselves.

Why are there several categories - or version numbers

It's not often that the screens in AM-Win change, as we like to make sure that everything works the same from one version to the next. However in version 6 many screens were changed and enhanced as a result of user requests and some major enhancements. This meant that a document that related to a subject in version 5 was incorrect when applied to the same subject in version 6. Many new areas and features were added in version 7 and these areas don't apply to version 5 and 6 so they are not included in those catagories.

I need help

The best way is to click on the map at the bottom of this page to find the Distributor responsible for your area. One of our friendly team will be happy to help you.

Find the Distributor responsible for your area.

AM-Win is represented in both Australia and New Zealand - Select your state on the map of Australia below or if you are in New Zealand click on the map of New Zealand. The details of your area representative will then be displayed.


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