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  • No new program upgrade available. Version 9.100 is the latest version on the web.
  • AM-Win Support Solutions
    • Customer, Registration/Job Item and Stock Code Changes
    • The AM-Win statement manager.
    • Parts Link - Link selected parts to a job item.
  • Windows 10 and Adobe DC
    • Windows 10 - Is it really free?
    • Windows 10 has been released - But should you upgrade now.
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • Computer Security and alerts.
    • Major vendors release security updates
    • Be wary of scammers claiming to be from government departments
  • Archived copies of our newsletter.

Latest Version Information

No new program upgrade available. Version 9.100 is the latest version on the web.

This Version 9 upgrade download will upgrade any existing Version 9 of AM-WIN without an Install code or license files.

If you have any AM-Win version prior to version 9.0 please contact your supporting consultant prior to upgrading.

Click here to download.

Don't forget to backup your data before upgrading.

AM-Win Support Solutions

Customer, Registration/Job Item and Stock Code Changes

Sometimes it's necessary to change a code for a Customer, or an item or a stck line. This excellent tutorial provided by our NSW distributor ASIMS explains how to make these changes.

Click the PDF logo below to view or print this tutorial.

The AM-Win statement manager.

The AM-Win Statement manager provides an easy way to manage your statement printing! and to determine which statements are to be printed and which ones emailed

To learn about Statement Manager click the PDF logo below to view or print this tutorial.

Parts Link - Link selected parts to a job item.

This option allows you to link parts to a selected job item so that when you work on that particular job item (vehicle, boat, lawn mower etc) you can finish up with a list of specific parts that fit that item..

Within a few months all your common parts and many of the less common parts will be automatically linked to your job items and after 12 months you might have an almost complete list of the parts that you use for the selected make and models. The great thing is that because you build

the link automatically from your invoices, you get a catalogue make and model list that is tailored for your business using the part numbers that you use. AM-Win also records the number of each part that is used.

To read or print this tutorial click the PDF logo below.

Windows 10 - Is it really free?

Windows 10 has now been released and free for most computers.

Yes, Windows 10 is really free to some., No subscription required  Here’s what you need to know.

Click the PDF Logo below to read more.

Windows 10 has been released - Microsoft is already advertising it to Windows 7 and 8.1 users. But should you upgrade now.

If you have reserved your Windows 10 upgrade, you don’t actually have to go through with it.

Likewise, if you haven’t reserved the Windows 10 upgrade yet, you can open the Get Windows 10 window and reserve it today to become eligible.

The same Get Windows 10 interface will tell you if any of your hardware or software won’t work on Windows 10.

We recommend you don’t upgrade immediately. The free Windows 10 upgrade offer lasts an entire year. Now that Windows 10 is beginning to roll out, sit on the sidelines for a bit and see what other users report after upgrading. If there are widespread issues — or issues on your particular model of computer or laptop, you can avoid them. At the very least, wait a few weeks to see what the general experience of people upgrading to Windows 10 is before taking that leap.

Click the PDF Logo below to read more.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

We all get sick and tired of Adobe update notifications appearing on the screen out of nowhere as Adobe struggles to patch Flash Player and it's many security issues over the years.

So it was an "oh no not again moment" when we saw another Adobe update take over the screen again.

However this message was not about Adobe Flash Player this time. It was about a proct called Acrobat Reader DC.

We had no idea what Acrobat Reader DC is so onto Google to find out. In simple terms it's another update to Adobe reader but with a new look and increased functionality.

Is it worth downloading? You probably don't have a lot of choice if you want to keep on top of Adobe's security issues but in this case it is worth the update. There are many new functions [some of which you probably won't use] but some that you will. There are also pay to use functions that Adobe want you to buy [that's not new] but you may be able to use Word functionality [eg Save as PDF] to bypass the need to pay.

View ;for more information. about Adobe Reader DC.

It also look pretty good and is a pleasure to use as the old PDF reader interface has passed it's used by date.

A quick note.

If you find that PDF files do not open after installing Adobe Reader DC try enabling  the Adobe PDF browser add-on (Internet Explorer). If you are using a mac or an alternate browser refer to The Adobe Page entitled "cant view PDF files on the web". The page can be found at

Enable the Adobe PDF browser add-on (Internet Explorer)
Make sure that the Adobe PDF browser add-on, AdobePDF.dll, is enabled.
1. Select Tools > Internet Options.
2. Click the Programs tab.
3. Click the Manage Add-ons button.
4. Set the Show menu to "Add-ons that have been used by Internet Explorer."
5. Find and select Adobe PDF Reader. If you don't find this item in the list, reinstall Reader or Acrobat.
6. Make sure that Enable is selected.
7. Click OK.


One thing to note when you decide to download the new version of Adobe Reader. Adobe is renowned for including third party software in their installation of updates but at least they give you a choice. Watch out for "install the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer" checkbox at the beginning and uncheck the box if you don't want to be saddled with software you neither want nor need.

unwanted download

Computer Security

Major Vendors release security updates

Security updates for Microsoft, Adobe PDF and flash player, Google Chrome,  Mozilla Firefox and Apple have been released this month. If you haven't configured your computer[s] to auto update you will need to download the updates from the vendor's websites to ensure the security and protection of your system[s].

Be wary of scammers claiming to be from government departments:

 You are advised to be wary of calls from scammers who claim to be from government departments and who ask for personal or financial details. The New South Wales Department of Finance, Services and Innovation has warned of such a scam primarily targeting elderly people or people in regional communities.

The department’s acting Secretary, Anthony Lean, said ‘The department is aware of scam calls including one to a man in Tweed Heads who was offered a $6,300 payment’. The scammer also offered to send a cheque and then sought personal details including the name of the man’s bank.The scammer advised the man to call an ‘Angela Cooper’ on 02 8006 0501 and quote the reference number MP11. 'That phone number is answered by a so-called Reclaims Department officer,' Mr Lean said.

Staying safe

Government finance departments will not cold call to offer money and ask for your personal details. If you receive a call of this nature hang up and report them to Scamwatch on 1300 795 995 or at

Never give your personal or financial details to unsolicited callers. If in doubt, use contact details on legitimate websites to verify callers’ identities. Do not trust contact details supplied by the callers themselves.

Scammers may also use email or other online forms of contact to request personal or financial details. Never send these details to any person without checking their legitimacy first.


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