WINPARTS provides both a means of transferring parts information provided by your supplier to your computer and reading and manipulating that information once it's there.

Winparts is both a parts catalogue and a means of linking the Suppliers pricing information to their clients by either by e mail, download or CD..

Winparts makes it possible for you to search through the supplier information by either part number, description or part of the description. Once the part is found Winparts will show cost and pricing levels based on lists, prices and discount structure individual to client.


  • Clear the old stock from your shelves by supplying the old part number that's in stock rather than ordering in the new number. With Winparts finding supercession information is easy. Search for the part number and show supercession information either forward or backwards.
  • Always sell at the latest price. Winparts can update old pricing in your accounting program from the supplier's latest price file. System prompts allow you apply or confirm transfer settings before processing in case you wish to adjust the retail prices from recommended.
  • Winparts handles many formats. Supplier information comes in a myriad of formats. WINPARTS stores the set up and file information provided by your supplier so you only have to do it once. Winparts imports OPEA [Outdoor power equipment association] files easily and quickly.
  • Easy transfer of information. It's great having a program capable of converting, and displaying your supplier price files but how do you transfer that information into your invoicing and quoting software. WINPARTS can talk to and transfer your supplier parts information directly and seamlessly into other business systems. WINPARTS also has the ability to be linked to more than one program at the same time.
  • Pricing flexibility. Apply markups by dollar or percentage amount. Set price mark ups and discount from either cost or list.
  • Daily orders. Daily orders for one or multiple suppliers can be kept open until they are required to be sent. Send orders by fax, e-mail and in some cases sent by electronic transfers [EDI].
  • Easy to use. Easy wizard style process for importing price files from your supplier.
  • Individual flexibility. User Editing of individual parts for all fields. Winparts lets you add individual items to a parts listing at any time as well as to add a new empty price file for internal parts.
  • Windows compliant. Full 32 bit windows and long file names are supported.

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