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All links on this page will take you to the resources listed without the need to login again, with the exception of SEP issue manager, where SEP needs to know exactly who you are for issue notification purposes.  

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What's available on our website for our Consultants and Distributors.


The Knowledge Base is a library of documents designed to assist users and Consultants.

The documents are separated into various categories [if related to AM-Win by version] or for by name if related to other e.g. MS Word].

All documents are searchable by key word and can be printed for desktop use or faxed to a client as part of your support survival pack.

The KB is pass-worded and your normal Dealer user name and password will log you in. It is not necessary to open this page to gain access to the Knowledge Base or libraries as they can be opened from the support menu, however you will still require your user name and password.

Knowledge Base

Sales and Support Documents

For support documents consider using the knowledgebase articles and email or fax them to your client

Request an
on-line demo

See Winparts in action in the comfort of your own office

No matter where you are in the world, if you can access the internet you can request a live demonstration in your own time, on your own computer in your own home or office using remote computing.

Click here to find your AM-Win Consultant and request a guided tour with one of our friendly team members by remote computing.

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